The Prefag slogan - Partner in Precision - is also a synonym for our quality standard. Quality is, for us, again a synonym for reliability.


In the workflow to avoid accidents In the requirements to quality of the products for highest functional reliability Resulting in calculable production and quality cost for high job security of our staff For the resulting profit that enables us to further invest in the future - for the benefit of our customers Therefore finally a secure interest rate for the deposits of our share holders

Against this background Prefag pursues the zero-default-strategy, well knowing that "zero default" will not be achievable. Here it is our ambition to measure the quality goals and the necessary commercial effort in combination with the assessment of risks together with you, our customer.

Our entire production is organized on a documented worker-self-control together with a batch test according to the four-eyes principle. In general we keep record of the positively accomplished test as such. Only if we find deviations, we will file the detailed test results and will discuss them in the daily quality circle, agree upon remedial actions and monitor their execution and efficiency.