The products made by PREFAG are established in the precision and micromechanics area. Sophisticated modules and components for the fluid industry as well as for electrical analog measuring instruments are our key products.


We are reliable partners to our customers both with respect to quality and on-time deliveries as well as with respect to technical cooperation.


You can find our products in all discerning industries and application area:


Electrical analog measuring instruments Control engineering and regulation technology Pneumatics and hydraulics Precision mechanics and optics in general Medical technology Aviation and space travel Cars and commercial vehicles Machine construction and automation Textile machines Rail-road vehicles Marine Sensors


Since we export the major proportion of our products and due tot he fact that we are represented widely in various user industries PREFAG is a genuinely stable partner.


In 2001 PREFAG joined the Magnet-Schultz group in Memmingen, Germany (Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Co. KG, Allgäuer Str. 30, D-87700 Memmingen). The most important manufacturer of electromagnetic drives for all demanding industrial applications.